5kg 10kg Sauce Bag Packing Machine

5kg 10kg Sauce Bag Packing Machine
It adopts rotor pump dosage and has weighing system, which can feedback the weight of each package in real time and achieve higher precision packaging.

5kg 10kg Sauce Bag Packing Machine

The Sauce Bag Packing Machine is suitable for sacue materials, such as: sauce, liquid, paste, condiment, ketchup, chili sauce, honey, oil, emulsion, shower gel, shampoo, etc.


  • PLC control; touchscreen displays running status.
  • Vertical sealing unit driven by variable-frequency motor, realize stepless adjustment of packaging speed within rated range.
  • Horizontal sealing unit driven by servo motor, realize stepless adjustment of bag length within rated range. The bag length can be set on touchscreen, and length adjustment is easy and convenient.
  • Intelligent photocell positioning control system with the function of automatic positioning of first bag. Eliminate the influence of signal disturbing caused by abnormal eye-mark pattern and bad print of film, to ensure stable operation.


Model VFFS-500
Packing Speed 6-9bags/min(5kg), 15-20bags/min(500g)
Bag length 150-420mm
Bag width 120-240mm
Film width 500mm
Total Power supply 220V 50Hz 8kw
Machine Dimension 1200×1000×1860mm
Machine Weight 800kg

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