Rotary Packing Machine Dosing Methods

There are many kinds of Rotary Packing Machine Dosing Methods, generally the following:

For the packaging of granules, the Multihead Weigher dose is generally used.
Multihead Weigher
For the packaging of Powders, Using Screw Elevator and Augur Filler as the dosing system.
Screw Elevator
Augur Filler
3.Sauce and Liquid
For the filling of Sauce and Liquid, Using pistion filler as the dosing system.
pistion filler
4.Ready To Eat Food
For the packaging of Ready To Eat Food, Using bowl conveyor as the dosing system.
bowl conveyor
5.Pickled Vegetable
For the packaging of Pickled Vegetable, Using 8 Heads Three Layers Weigher as the dosing system.
8 Heads Three Layers Weigher

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