Rotary Vacuum Packaging Machine

Rotary Vacuum Packaging Machine

Dosing system
Multihead Weigher

1. Multihead Weigher

Augur Filler

2. Augur Filler

Piston Filler

3. Piston Filler

Rotary vacuum packaging machine is equipped with filling system and vacuum system.Capable to pack various kinds of products, such as fresh and processed meats, dairy products, poultry, seafood, etc.

Rotary Vacuum Packaging Machine

  • Easy to operate, SIEMENS PLC and Touch Screen control system.
  • Stainless steel housing, parts in contact with the product and bags comply with GMP requirements, guarantee hygiene and food safety.
  • Includes Japanese Dry Type vacuum pump for an ideal vacuum suction of the pouch pick up and opening, reliable, low noise and low maintenance.
  • Automatic control: non-filled /not sealed/no pouch or in case of pouch opening errors, the pouch can be used again.
  • Easy changeover for different pouch sizes. The gripper width can be adjusted automatically from the touch screen panel.
  • Wide range of usable packing materials, suitable for multi-layer compound, Aluminum foil, laminating film, Paper laminating film etc.

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